Jamie Oliver Dome 60 Oven

Jamie Oliver Dome 60 Oven

by |March 13, 2018 | Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver Oven Dome 60 Leggero

Hand made in Italy the compact, lighter Dome 60 Leggero is ideal for any small courtyard, garden, balcony or rental property.
At only 160kg this oven is more mobile and can be easily positioned in your outdoor area.
Superior cooking performance with full insulation, amazing heat retention properties and the benefits of a high-tech weatherproof dome finish.
FREE paddle and brush included

Specifications (Not Including Flue)
Oven external: (D)94.5cm x (W)87cm x (H)57.5cm
Oven internal cooking floor: 60cm
Capacity: 1-2 pizzas
Oven weight: 160kg
Weight (boxed): 201kg
High quality refractory materials

Delivery Areas
Allow approximately one week delivery from placement of order.
We can deliver Australia-wide or Pick Up available from Metro Depots

Delivery Areas (not listed)
Deliveries to all other cities, towns and regional areas (not listed above) please request a customised delivery quote. Ph 0412 934 725 or Email Us: info@pizzaovensrus.com.au

Note: the metal stand is included in the oven package price. However, you can mount the oven on a masonry block or brick permanent base structure

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