Benchtop Pizza Ovens

Pre-Built Benchtop Wood Fired Ovens

Ideal for entertaining, pizza parties or any other function your family would like to host. Capable of cooking 2-3 pizzas at once (pizzas cook in 2-3 minutes).  Made from the highest quality refractory and stainless steel materials that provide excellent heat production and cooking results!

More than just a pizza oven – cook anything from pizzas to breads, meats, seafood, golden vegetables or sweet desserts. Fully weatherproof for outdoors without any roof covering needed. Remains cool to touch on the outside – safe for kids. Fast light up – only 40 minutes and your oven is ready to go!

No construction required simply mount the oven on your masonry base structure or bench top and you are ready-to-go.

Pizzaioli Oven


Lisboa Oven


RUS 70 Oven (Brick Arch)

RUS 70 (BA)

Zesti Z1100 Oven

zesti z1100

Alfa 5 Minuti Oven

Alfa 5 Minuti

Marinara Oven


Buena Ventura Oven


RUS 70 Oven

RUS 70

RUS Lite Oven

RUS Lite

Giotto Oven


Sapore Oggi Oven

Sapore Oggi

Mangiafuoco Oven


Famosi Oven


RUS 60 Oven

RUS 60

Zesti ZSR1100 Oven

zesti zsr1100

Maximus Oven


Sapore Grande Oven

sapore grande

Margherita Oven